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Those scars they were layered, as if they’ve been built on for years.

Sam in the Sneak Peek for 9x19 “Alex Annie Alexis Ann”

Well hello there perfect and heartbreaking parallel to Dean (and Sam as well, though I am focusing on Dean here) and how the scars have just been adding up one by one ever since he carried his little brother out of a burning house. Let’s just take a look at a few of those scars (and didn’t I just talk about scars HERE) and all those layers:

Losing his mom and his dad in one night (because yes, technically John was there, but he wasn’t able to provide what Dean and Sam would have needed), losing his ~innocence, loosing his childhood, then losing his father for real (because he made a deal to save Dean), going to hell, breaking in hell, not being able to keep Sam save, getting Sam back and losing him, getting Cas back and losing him again, losing his second dad, losing Ellen and Jo and Ash and in the end losing himself in a mark and angry red scar on his forearm.

Yes, Dean’s scars are layered and they’ve been built on for years, so yeah, it might take a long long time for all of them to heal.

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